mvp  On July 1st, 2010 I was recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Access MVP.


I have been writing software since 1979. My first app was a BBS system with a 300-baud modem! I ran a BBS for years dedicated to Basic Programming. I have been working online since 1979.  

I graduated from  Oklahoma State University with a BS in Management Science with Minors in Accounting and Finance. I basically studied how to manage small to large corporations. My College adviser made the comment that I was studying to be the "CEO of a Major Corporation".

At an early age, I came to the realization that computers are just a tool to help you do something that you already know how to do. Thanks to having a Mother that got a degree in Mathematics and programmed on one of the first computers at a university at KSU.

While talking with potential employers about what they would look for from a college graduate, I came to realize that they could hire an Accounting Major and it would only take three to six months to teach them all the Cobol they will need. Or they could hire a Computer Science major and it would take years, not months, to teach them all the accounting they would need to write an Accounting system  That is why I did not get a Computer Science degree.  Instead, I went to a Business School that was rated in the top 10. I did take lots of programming classes. I started out punching cards.  

Today, I continue to regularly study Business Management, Business Process Management, Customer Service, and Marketing. I specialize in writing software that combines  Accounting Systems, Management Information Systems, Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), and Marketing.

I have developed and offer packaged solutions for:

* Full Accounting System
* Oil and Gas Leasing for field landmen.

I actually use my Accounting system to run my business. Since I use my own software, it helps me understand what my users face.  I am surprised at how many software developers actually do not use software other than games.

I also provide backup/additional support and programming services for consultants, other software developers, and computer-related service businesses.